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Quarter Front Squat

The quarter front squat is an abbreviated back squat that can be used for reasons ranging from a need to work around an injury to overloading the top of the movement.
Perform a front squat to a depth above a horizontal thigh position.
The quarter front squat can be used to overload the top of the squat movement in order to strengthen the trunk or to strengthen the legs and hips for the dip and drive of the jerk. It can also be used as a temporary squat variation for lifters with pain or injuries that prevent full squatting.  
The quarter front squat can be programmed as the front squat would be if being used as a temporary front squat alternative in cases of injuries. If being used to overload the top of the lift, sets of 3-5 reps at 90% of the front squat and above (potentially over 100%) can be used.
The quarter front squat can be performed as a pin squat.

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