Finding Your Proper Stance For The Olympic Squat

Head coach of the USA Weightlifting national championship team Greg Everett runs through how to determine the best stance for yourself for the Olympic squat.

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June 6 2017
Very informative nugget of knowledge there. What is your opinion on bouncing out of the hole when training the squat to mimic sn/cn reflex vs. Pauses, etc.? Thank you for all the great information!
Front squat trained using bounce and trying to replicate clean tempo/timing as well as possible except in specific circumstances. Back squats usually with a more controlled tempo and minimal bounce, but still using a stretch reflex. Pause squats (both front and back) are very effective but should be used in conjuction with regular tempo to avoid losing that timing, etc.

Greg Everett
June 6 2017
Greg, you are the man! Awesome that you responded and so fast too! I'm too lazy to search, so, what do you mean by replicating the timing as well as possible? And wouldn't you know it, I trained BS early this morning and bounched the shit outta em lol. Should've waited for your response lol. Thanks again, and if you ever come to Minnesota, I'm there! Cheers!
I mean simply perform the front squat in a way that is as similar to the clean as you can - as you near the bottom (passing parallel or so), acclerate down, use the elastic rebound, and acclerate up maximally.

Greg Everett
Hillel Alexander
July 4 2017
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Alexander Hillel
February 25 2018
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