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Step To Split
AKA Split lunge

The step to split is a simple exercise to strengthen the jerk split position that can be easily done with both legs to help with strength balance.
Stand in your jerk drive stance with the bar behind your neck as you would for a back squat and brace your trunk.
Step out with one leg into your split jerk receiving stance and tighten the position immediately like you would in a jerk rather than sinking into a deeper lunge—keep the front shin vertical and don’t allow any forward shifting of the knee. Maintain your upright posture and land with your weight balanced equally between the feet.
Step back with the front leg into the starting position. Repeat, or alternate legs.
The step to split strengthens the split receiving position for the jerk, and in particular the ability to quicky brake and hold the position, and the ability to prevent shifting the balance forward to the front foot. To some extent, it will also train the proper movement of the front foot into the split position and the maintenance of the proper upright posture.
The step to split should generally be done after the competition lift and variants, but can be done before more strength-oriented work like squatting and pulling. Weights of up to 100% and more of the athlete’s best jerk may be used for 3-5 reps per leg. Depending on how strong the lifter is in the split position, this exercise can vary greatly in possible loading. Avoid overloading to the point that the lifter is unable to step into the proper split position or it defeats the purpose.
The step to split can be done with alternating legs with the athlete walking forward with each step, in which case the exercise would be called a walk to split.   
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