Which Leg Forward In The Split Jerk?

Which leg to lead with in the split jerk is the world’s simplest question but has managed to inspire stunningly complicated solutions.

For example, sneaking up behind your athlete and shoving them with the idea that the foot they catch themselves with should be the lead leg. Cool. That’s battery, and now your lifter can’t jerk because of a neck injury.

Also, they’re going to step with the foot closer to the side they’re falling toward because you’re unlikely to push them perfectly straight, and you only get one shot at it.

You can imagine all kinds of fancy ways to determine the lead leg, and not one will guarantee the correct choice.

So here’s a novel idea: Just try it! You’re going to feel noticeably better with one or the other. If you don’t, either they’re equally coordinated, or you’re not coordinated at all, which means it doesn’t matter which you choose. Pick one and move on with your life.

If for some reason you’re desperate to trick your athlete, tell them to do some walking lunges without explanation. The foot they step out with first is the one that naturally feels more comfortable in front.

Now they know how to split, and you’re not eating a stale ham sandwich for dinner in jail tonight.  

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