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Strength by Feel Cycle
9 weeks   |   $25   |   Web, Text, Excel

9 week strength emphasis cycle using less prescribed percentages and more weights according to feel. Well-suited for athletes without well-developed classic lifts.

"Clean and Jerk went from 250 to 264.5 lbs. Snatch went from 160 to 198.4 lbs. Great program" - Tim L.

Good For:
  • Intermediate to advanced lifters
  • Lifters without accurate 1RMs
  • Overhead and squat strength
  • CrossFitters or other athletes who want to emphasize strength and weightlifting temporarily while not losing a lot of conditioning (minimal conditioning work included)
Notes: In this cycle, % prescriptions following any "RM" are percents of the weight used for that rep maximum; e.g. "Jerk - 4RM; 90% x 4 x 2" means you take the jerk up to the heaviest set of 4 you can manage, then use 90% of that weight for 2 more sets of 4 reps.

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