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12 weeks   |   $29   |   Web, Text, Excel, App

This cycle is 12 weeks long, with the first 8 weeks dedicated to leg and pulling strength primarily, using 3 and 2 position snatch/clean, complexes and squat waves. The final 4 weeks will use on the minute work with the competition lifts to peak for max snatch and clean & jerk in week 12. Also has prescribed technique primers daily.

"I PR'd my Snatch at 275#'s, which was a 30# PR for me, and my C&J at 335#'s, which was a 20# PR for me." - Mark F.

"Now i finished week 6 and I PR my clean and jerk by 30 lbs and my snatch by 25lbs which is great - THANK YOU." - Patrick B.

Good For:
  • Squat strength
  • Pulling strength from floor
  • Overhead strength/position
  • Leg explosiveness
  • Jerk drive
  • The percentages that follow an RM are of that day's RM. For example, 5RM; 95%x5, 90%x5 means that you work up to a 5RM, then do 95% of that for 5 reps, and then 90% of it for 5 reps.
  • Rep prescriptions like 1+1+1 provide the rep count for each exercise in the complex in order. For example, Clean + Power Jerk + Jerk - 1+1+1 would be 1 clean then 1 power jerk then 1 jerk for each set.

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