The Muscle Snatch: Making It Effective

The purpose of the muscle snatch is to strengthen the turnover and reinforce proper mechanics; if the movement diverges from the motion used in the third pull of the snatch, its effectiveness is reduced if not eliminated entirely. I consider a muscle snatch successful only if the elbows never drop from their highest point prior to the turnover.
Unfortunately, the majority of muscle snatches are performed with an often dramatic drop of the elbows before the arms are flipped over, or with the turnover occurring prematurely before the elbows reach an adequate height, in both cases with the trunk leaned back for nearly the entire movement, changing the motion completely from what occurs in the snatch. While this snatch-grip clean and press may be an impressive feat of strength, it contributes little to improving the snatch itself because of its divergence from the very movement it’s intended to strengthen and reinforce.

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