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Fix Uneven Feet In The Snatch Or Clean
Comments | March 30 2020 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

Do your feet land unevenly in the snatch or clean?   First of all, STOP PANICKING… It’s really not that big of a deal.   Next, work on your hip flexor strength and balance. ...
Push The Bar Back In The Jerk
Comments | March 2 2020 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

Remember—the bar in the jerk should move backward slightly from its starting position. If you move it straight up, it’s too far forward, and your base is behind it rather than balanced dir...
Jerk Grip Width
Comments | February 19 2020 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

What’s the best width for the jerk grip? The one that makes YOU jerk the most weight!   First, my default width for starting lifters is the same as the clean – about half a fist to ...
Fix Incomplete Hip Extension In The Snatch & Clean
Comments | February 3 2020 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

If you have trouble completely extending your hips in the snatch or clean, here’s a simple way to fix it.   In the final extended position, we’re looking for vertically extended leg...
Best Exercise For Snatch & Clean Balance & Positional Strength
Comments | January 27 2020 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

One of my favorite exercises to improve pulling posture, strength and balance for the snatch and clean is the floating halting deadlift on riser.   Use the same starting position you’d us...
Staying Over The Bar In The Snatch & Clean: What, Why & How
Comments | January 21 2020 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

See this on fixing the problem You hear the cue to stay over the bar in the snatch and clean, but you’re not sure what that means, and you may even find yourself bewildered by the fact that e...
Fix Knee Valgus In The Jerk Dip
Comments | January 6 2020 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

Do you look like you’re trying to squeeze an orange between your knees at the bottom of the jerk dip? Here are some ways to fix it. Bear in mind that this is an extremely stubborn problem to fix...
Understanding The Athlete Card For Olympic Weightlifting Competition
Comments | December 27 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

For those of you new to weightlifting competition, let’s sort out the athlete card. These will be used at all levels of competition, and although they may look a bit different, you’ll find...
Moving The Feet In The Snatch & Clean
Comments | December 23 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

In the snatch and clean, do you have to move your feet from the pulling stance into a different receiving stance? Does that receiving stance have to be wider than your pulling stance?   Nope. A...
Turn The Back Heel Out In The Split Jerk
Comments | December 16 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

In the split jerk, turn the back heel out slightly to maximize stability. Because the back leg is extended away from the hip at an angle, if the back foot is pointed straight forward, the foot is n...
Neutral Spine Or Pervert Hips? Neutral Is NOT Straight!
Comments | December 9 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

Let’s chat quick about neutral spine. Neutral is the natural position of the spine when we’re not actively flexing or extending any segment. This is NOT straight—a neutral spine is c...
Jerk Rack Position
Comments | November 25 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

Please share & subscribe! The optimal rack position for the jerk will differ from the clean rack position for most lifters. Just like for the clean, the priority for the jerk rack position is t...
Should You Use A Dynamic Start In The Snatch & Clean?
Comments | November 18 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

A dynamic start in the snatch or clean uses some kind of movement prior to bar separation to begin the lift without the athlete holding a starting position motionlessly. Please share & subscrib...
Heels Rising Early In Snatch Or Clean Pull?
Comments | November 11 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

A common instruction is to remain flat-footed as long as possible through the pull of the snatch and clean, typically until reaching approximately the power position in which the trunk is vertical and...
Land On Flat Feet In The Snatch & Clean
Comments | November 4 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

Our goal is to land on flat feet as we transition under the bar in the snatch or clean. This maximizes the stability of the receiving position by allowing us to sit straight down into a balanced squat...
Drills For A Better Muscle Snatch
Comments | October 28 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

If you’ve decided to perform the muscle snatch in a way that actually resembles the turnover of the snatch, here’s a series of drills to help you get the feel for how to do it well. The...
How To Strengthen A Weak Split For The Jerk
Comments | October 24 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

If you’re weak and uncomfortable in the proper split position, no matter how well you understand it and know how to get into it with little or no weight, your body will not put itself into that ...
Should You Alternate Legs In The Split Jerk?
Comments | October 14 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

Should weightlifters alternate legs in the split jerk? Nope. A weightlifter alternating legs in the jerk is analogous to a pitcher alternating arms, or a guitar player switching hands. The je...
How to Adjust the Rack between the Clean and Jerk
(1) Comments | September 30 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

There are 4 ways to adjust the rack position between the clean and the jerk. The first is to stand up from your clean, remember too late that you still have to jerk, then spend 3 minutes almost kil...
Full Squat Depth & Variation For Olympic Weightlifting
Comments | September 23 2019 | Olympic Weightlifting Instructional

How deep is deep enough? Where’s the bottom? Why does everyone’s squat position look different? Confusing stuff, but it shouldn’t be—here’s how it works. Full depth in...
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