How To Warm Up For Olympic Weightlifting With Greg Everett

This is the warm-up for Olympic weightlifting recommended by Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics.

If cold and/or particularly sore or stiff, begin with 2-5 minutes of monostructural activity like rowing, cycling or jogging.

Follow this with a quick and light foam rolling series, shown here

Then run through this series of DROM drills before beginning your specific barbell warm-up for your first exercise. 10-15 reps (10-30 seconds x 1-3 sets for the 2 static exercises).

Wrist circles
Elbow circles
Seal swings
Over & backs
Freestyle bounce
Arm circles - forward and backward
Trunk rotations
Hip circles
Bow & bend
Knee circles
Leg swings
Squatting ankle stretch
Russian baby maker

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October 25 2016
I love all your posts, I read your books , listen you podcasts , watch all your training videos. I use your warm up every single day before I start lifting and I love it! I share every link I get a chance to with my athletes as well. Thank you for all you have done and contribute to this sport!
Thank you.

Greg Everett
Black Rabbit
November 4 2016
I've added this to my warm up for crossfit
& they make fun of me...some of these young kids just don't know.
Jason Coyne
March 11 2018
Outstanding! Saw this video a few years ago. I implemented the movements into my warm up, I have forgotten a few. Thanks for the refresher.
Tom P.
November 30 2018
I've been using this warm up for years now. I show anyone that I train or train with this routine.