Squat Speed For Olympic Weightlifting

Freddy Asks: How fast should squats for weightlifting be?
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Chris Murray
March 20 2021
This video explanation is very helpful, thank you.

Please can I know how time between the reps themselves will affect strength development? To be specific, I’m not referring to “ideal rest periods between sets” but whether the time between each squat rep itself should be kept as brief as possible without losing balance, (I’ve noticed some exceptional weightlifters spend no time at all dilly dallying between squat reps by standing still to recover, is this unbroken approach better for strength development?) - Or is the reason behind keeping the time interval between every rep consistent simply to aid more accurate measurement of long-term progress?

Thank you very much for your thoughts on this,

Keeping a consistent time between reps is one way to help the accuracy of measurement of progress, so that's good. The lower the intensity, the shorter the rest between reps should be generally and vice versa. With very heavy 2-3s, I honestly don't care if a lifter takes a few breaths between reps because the purpose there is purely strength and a few more seconds isn't really going to have any negative effects, but may very likely allow success when no rest would result in failure. So if you want to be able to as accurately as possible compare different squat performances for a given athlete, it's helpful if they use a consistent tempo, whatever that actually is.

Greg Everett