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Contact Vs No-Contact Muscle Snatch
Comments | February 26 2020 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Glen Asks: Can you compare the benefits, differences and uses for the no brush muscle snatch and the brush muscle snatch.    See these two videos for more on muscle snatch technique: Th...
Can You Clean Your 3RM Front Squat?
Comments | February 12 2020 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Oscar Asks: 3 RM Front Squat Rule - Should athletes be able to clean their 3 RM front squat or is is that a myth?...
Early Arm Bend In The Clean
Comments | January 29 2020 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Trista Asks: What exercises do you recommend to help with premature arm bend in the clean? Fixing Arm Bend Contact in the Clean  ...
Choosing Your Jerk Dip Style
Comments | January 23 2020 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Tim Asks: My jerk is terrible. I know there are two types of dip, one quick whip style and one more slow and strength oriented, but how do I decide which to focus on to make my jerk stronger? I t...
Intensity For Weightlifting Technique Work
Comments | January 16 2020 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Tadeáš Asks: What would you say is the optimal range (% wise) to practice technique in? Say you have a lifter with decently developed technical skill (good squat/snatch ratio etc) and no...
Head Through In The Snatch?
Comments | January 9 2020 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Mohsen Asks: I have a problem with the head through in the snatch. The problem i have is when at the bottom position i push my head through quite a bit so my chest falls and the bar ends up behind me....
What Is Too Deep For The Jerk Dip?
Comments | December 27 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Satya Asks: I’ve watched your video on bigger/slower vs. quick explosive dip in the split jerk. But how much is TOO big and slow, and how to get better at braking and starting a powerful drive?...
How Should Loading Progress In A Training Cycle?
Comments | December 18 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Håkon Asks: How should loading progress during a cycle of training?...
Avoiding Burnout
Comments | December 11 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Please share & subscribe! Cindy Asks: How do you keep your athletes from experiencing burn out? How do you keep them consistent with their training? ...
Training After Weightlifting Competition
(1) Comments | December 4 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Vaughn Asks: How should you train after a weightlifting meet? Please share & subscribe!...
RDL Or Good Morning?
Comments | November 27 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Samantha Asks: Do you prefer good mornings or RDLs as an accessory for posterior chain work, or do you have another preferred exercise? Please share & subscribe! ...
Becoming A Weightlifting Coach
Comments | November 21 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Will Asks: What would you recommend or tell someone that’s want to be a weightlifting coach?...
Is Injury In Olympic Weightlifting Inevitable?
Comments | November 14 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Ash Asks: Hi Greg, is injury inevitable for anyone engaging in olympic weightlifting? Does 'perfect' form mean an athlete will not get injured? Also to what extent are coaches responsible for ...
Competition Week Training
Comments | November 7 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Michael Asks: How many days should be taken off before a competition? Or should you just do light work all the way to competition?...
Prilepin’s Table For Olympic Weightlifting?
Comments | October 31 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Scott Asks: Managing volume through a yearly plan in Olympic Weightlifting. Are there certain amounts of volume you want to accomplish in certain phases of the year? Do you stick with Prilepin's c...
Squat Speed For Olympic Weightlifting
Comments | October 23 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Freddy Asks: How fast should squats for weightlifting be?...
Deadlifts For Olympic Weightlifting?
Comments | October 17 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Eliot Asks: Are deadlifts even useful in the Olympic lifts? Should I just focus on heavy pulls? My gym mixes elements of body building within their programs such as any CrossFit gym but I'd rather...
Snatch Receiving Height?
(1) Comments | October 10 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Benjamin Asks: When I snatch lighter weights, I am catching it high and riding it into the bottom of the squat. When it’s heavier, that obviously doesn’t happen. Should I be varying how mu...
Lat Sweep In The Snatch?
Comments | October 3 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

Ryan Asks: How are the lats properly engaged in the lifts (especially snatch)? I often hear to sweep the bar back into you, but I have also heard that is incorrect. In the past I have had some coaches...
Split Jerk For CrossFitters?
Comments | September 26 2019 | Q & A with Greg Everett

David Asks: I would love to know if I should focus on getting the lifters I have in my small weightlifting club (all of which are crossfitters) to focus specifically on the split jerk as opposed to th...
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