Fix Incomplete Hip Extension In The Snatch & Clean

If you have trouble completely extending your hips in the snatch or clean, here’s a simple way to fix it.
In the final extended position, we’re looking for vertically extended legs and the shoulders somewhat behind the hips. The hips are hyperextended, but not in a way that pushes them through the imaginary vertical line that runs up from the ankle.
How much the hips actually extend for optimal lifting will vary among athletes, and typically they’ll extend less in a clean than a snatch for a given lifter.
The first step is simulating the proper complete extension while standing. Keeping your weight balanced evenly across the whole foot, the legs vertical and the trunk rigid, tighten your glutes to bring the shoulders back slightly. Imagine stretching the body up and back rather than simply hinging backward.
We can’t perfectly replicate the finish position without the complete motion of an actual snatch or clean, so just focus on the feeling of balanced complete extension and hold a few seconds.
Next, perform a set of hang deadlifts to the simulated finish position with 2-3 second holds at the top. Avoid shifting back or pushing the hips forward.
Finally, perform a complex of 3 hang deadlifts to the simulated finish position + 1 hang snatch or clean trying to replicate the finish position, and progress when ready to the same sequence from the floor.

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