Proper Timing Of The Leg Drive In The Snatch & Clean Pull Exercise

In the snatch or clean pull or high-pull, timing of the leg drive is important to train timing and force production in the pulls of the snatch and clean.
A common error, illustrated in this video, is stopping the drive of the legs against the ground immediately upon reaching the final extension of the knees and hips.
When finishing the pull, continue driving with the legs against the ground as long as the bar is still moving upward.
In an actual snatch or clean, the legs will not continue driving until the bar reaches its maximal height; however, cutting the leg drive off early in the pull will create bad habits in the lifts.
Note that in a Chinese-style pull, also known as a pull-down or fast pull, the lifter will be actively pulling the body down to the bar after reaching full extension rather than continuing to pull the bar upward past this point. While this appears different, the basic goal of constantly applying force to the bar is identical.