Fix Your Sloppy Lockout In The Jerk & Snatch

Don’t even talk to me about cues or exercises to fix your terrible lockout if you don’t hold your push presses forcefully overhead!
Every single push press rep you do is an easy opportunity to train a better lockout for the jerk and snatch… Or you can use it to train a weak, loose, sloppy lockout if that’s the way you insist on push pressing.
Don’t just immediately relax when you think the bar is overhead and bring it back down like you’re bouncing the bar off the ceiling or trying to bang out 6,000 reps for time.
Drive and push the bar up with maximal effort and hold it overhead with equal effort—squeeze the upper inside edges of the shoulder blades together forcefully to create a rock solid base at the upper back, and lock the elbows completely while pushing up aggressively into the bar. Hold it for a least half a second—you can spare the time.
Remember that every rep you do is practice—you’re doing them anyway, so take advantage of the opportunity to get better instead of creating more problems to fix.