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Double Day Squats & Heavy Weights
13 weeks

This is a 12-week cycle (with a first week that acts as a rest or transition week, making it 13 weeks total). You will be squatting heavy every day - often twice a day.

It will use weight selections based on feel for most sets. This first week will be a transition week to prepare you for very frequent squatting and heavy lifts. Try completing all workouts without sitting down. Rest only as long as needed.

This cycle should only be used by athletes who are conditioned for frequent, heavy lifting - it is not a good beginning program.

"The double day squat program by Greg Everett was the hardest program I've done. But my back squat went from 405 to 485 and my front squat went from 325 to 395." - Ryan K.

"Following the Double-Day squat program in my garage, my front squat went from 315 to 375. My clean and jerk went from a struggling, pressed-out 235 to a solid and easy 286. My snatch went from an ugly power/muscle snatch of only 165 to a snatch of 196."
- Brian P.

Volume: Moderate
Intensity: Very High (but adjustable)

Good For:
  • Leg strength
  • Max and near-max classic lift experience
  • More experienced lifters with good training foundations
  • This program does not need to be done in two workouts per day - "double day squats" refers to the two squat sessions per workout. However, it can be split in two if you want.
  • This program can beat you up badly if you're not smart about choosing weights and recovering.
  • Push the weights hard, but generally try to avoid actual failure - this will allow more long term progress and prevent becoming totally destroyed.
  • Each workout, make the goal to beat the best weight you've done to date on that exercise in this program by at least 1kg - do this by setting it up in your warm-up sets, e.g. warm-up with 1-2 kg more on each set than you did on the day you're trying to beat. Don't keep warming up with identical weights and continually do the exact same weight each day.
  • %s that follow HS or RM are of that HS or RM; e.g., HS; 80%x1x2 means you work up to a heavy single, then do 2 singles with 80% of that heavy single

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(15) Comments
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David Mikel 2015-10-03
Hi, just started the program last week and I'm loving it already, i have a question about when to use gear. When do you think its heavy enough to throw on my belt, ace knee wraps, and wrist wraps. I don't wear a belt for the snatch. I don't wear these because of pain in the joints or anything, just to lift better. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated, thanks
Try to train without a belt so you can develop some strength without the belt and save it for your heaviest sets. You can use a belt for ~85% and up or so. I wouldn't go nuts with knee wraps, but I have some lifters who use knee sleeves to keep them warm. Wrist wraps should be fine to add some support.
Steve Pan
Wade Alam 2015-10-11
Noticed the first week there are percentages, after week one most of percentages disappear after the heavy single. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for the programming.
Jake Spanish Miller 2015-06-22
Bruh... Just finished week two (not counting intro week) FS from 147kg to 165kg, this shit is unnatural, cant wait to see the improvements in BS. Thanks!
Adam Kroll 2015-02-26
Great program first of all, ive never seen results like this. I have three questions: From week 9-12 you have a lot of prescribed percentages at heavy weights for example 90 and 95% after prescribing a heavy single. Should the heavy single be above or below that, or should the 90 and 95% be of that heavy single? I made 40 lbs of gains on my back squat in the first 5 weeks, but week 6 and 7 I've slowed down significantly and haven't PRed in a few weeks. Is this normal? Also, my clean and jerk went up 20 lbs in the first two weeks, but no improvement since and no improvement on the snatch? Is this normal due to the high volume of squatting? Thanks Greg! Again great programming, I've decided to follow two cycles each of three different programs of yours for the next year, the results have already been great.
%s that follow HS or RM are of that HS or RM; e.g., HS; 80%x1x2 means you work up to a heavy single, then do 2 singles with 80% of that heavy single

It's normal to get some quick progress right away and then slow down. Make sure you're getting enough sleep and food. And some people will simply not be able to make it all the way through the entire duration.

Greg Everett
Joao Santos 2015-01-12
Hi ! i just started this program today, but i have a question: when i get to the pause squats, for how long should i pause ? 3 seconds is enough? Many thanks !
Yes, 3 seconds always in a pause unless otherwise specified.
Greg Everett
Jonathan Juges 2014-12-12
Thanks for posting this- I do not have a coach, so I am only doing the FS/BS/GM portion of this routine, so I have a couple of questions: 1) You say to avoid failure on HS, but if you are feeling good, is it ok to go for a PR if the singles just keep going up and you feel like you have more left in the tank? 2) Similarly, should you be pushing yourself AHAP everyday? Meaning the HS should end up being grinders/semi-grinders everyday? 3) If we overestimate the drop sets and say only get 3 reps instead of 4, what should we do to compensate?
1) Yes, you're always aiming for PRs, but you have to make smart choices. If you just go to failure every time, you're going to grind yourself into powder.

2) As heavy as you feel good for. If you feel like shit, don't push it extremely hard, but keep it challenging.

3) If it's not the last set, reduce the weight for the next sets to get the RXed reps.

4) It will help you recover from the reduced volume. Intensity will still likely be pretty high.

5) Yes, you're trying to always beat what you've done previously. It won't happen every day, but that's the goal.
Greg Everett
Craig Amarilli 2014-11-23
it's probably been asked before so i'll apologise in advance (i have scrolled but can't find it). regarding the % for the Pause Squats and 4x3's etc, whats the rough %1RM i should be looking at? and what has been deemed 'optimal'? it's been suggested by others at 75% however i'm doing fine with 80%. (i understand it says 'go by feel', just curious if there's been a tested 'optimal %')
No optimal - it will really depend on how you're recovering, etc. Don't overthink it and just trust how you feel.
Greg Everett
Craig Amarilli 2014-11-30
program is absolutely ace! not splitting the sessions into 2 but going by feel on the weights. back squat and front squat have gone up by 15kg and i'm only just starting week 4!!
Brian John 2014-10-28
For what it's worth, I'm on the 2nd week of this program. Already seeing benefits. Make sure you eat a lot (*good* food, obv) and sleep enough.
Martin Westerlund 2015-10-14
Would you recommend to add some regular heavy deadlifts on some "lower volume" days since there are no days with just normal deadlifting?
Kelvin Kolb 2015-10-26
Maybe I'm just having brain fart, but what does a set look like when it reads: at 90% do 5 X 1 + 2. I get the 5 x 1 at 90% but then do i do a 6th set of 2 reps?
I'm not sure which day you are referring to. You may post on the specific day that you have in question. If it is 90% x 1+2 x 5 that will be 5 sets at 90% and the 1+2 refers to the exercises before. For clean & jerk 1+2 would be 1 clean and 2 jerks.

Steve Pan
Richard Chapple 2015-10-26
Hey Greg, Been doing the program for 4 weeks, and am seeing good results especially in the snatch. The squats are having good carry-over into the lifts. I had a question about a notation in the second cycle. On Thursdays, you program jerks as: Jerk - (3,2,1) x 3 I read the help page, and can't figure out what this means. Could you clarify? Thanks!
You will take a set of 3 at one weight, take the weight up for the next set at 2 reps, and then once again for 1 rep. You will repeat this process 3 times and try to beat the weights from the previous wave on the next one.

Steve Pan
Said Al ghaithi 2015-11-03
Im looking forward to start next week however i noticed that in week two there are no percentages. So at what percent are the 3x2 snatches after the heavy single etc.
You will have to comment on the day that you have a question on for me to help you. The back off sets in this program have listed percentages and are taken as a % of the HS as listed.

Steve Pan
Tristan Harrison 2015-11-04
Would it be ok to do a CrossFit metcon on top of this to keep my conditioning up, or would you advise against any extra volume?
I would recommend against adding any extra conditioning work to these programs.

Steve Pan
William Tomisser 2015-11-08
I'm finishing this program this week do you think it's safe to do it twice in a row? The gains were so good I just don't wanna butcher myself and end up with a torn muscle or something.
You may want to take a transition week and then try this program again. If you are feeling good it should be okay to run this again. Be careful and watch how you are feeling as you go to make sure you are staying healthy. Stay on top of your mobility and prehab work!

Steve Pan

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