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Kara's 9 Weeks of Heaven
9 weeks

This is a very high-volume 9-week cycle adapted from one of Bob Takano's programs that is similar to what I used for Kara Yessie going into the Arnold Classic a couple years ago. If you don't handle volume well, don't even bother with this one. This cycle is NOT appropriate for new lifters.

"Results from Kara's 9 Weeks of Heaven - Snatch 75kg to 87kg; Clean & Jerk 100kg to 110kg; Back Squat 125kg to 150 kg; Press 60kg to 70kg; Deadlift 175kg to 200kg." - Pedar L

Volume: Very High
Intensity: High

Good For:
  • Experienced/advanced lifters
  • High volume needs
  • Leg strength
  • A lot of classic lift reps
  • This is NOT appropriate for beginner or intermediate lifters

(1) Comments
Gaby 2015-08-10
How much weight for the press on day one
Feel out a good weight for the rep range, it shouldn't be super hard or a grind on any reps. Make sure there is room to go up on the following weeks.

Steve Pan
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