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12-Week Basic Cycle
12 weeks

This is a 12 week cycle with plenty of squatting, pulling and pressing strength work for the first several weeks. This is a good cycle for fairly well-balanced lifters. The volume and intensity are moderate, so this cycle is good for newer lifters or those who cannot tolerate a lot of volume and intensity.

"Finished up the 12 week basic cycle after about 15 months off from Crossfit with lifetime PRs of +25lb snatch, +35lb clean & jerk plus PRs in, well, everything from strict press to deadlift." -Jeremy J.

"I have just completed your 12 week basic cycle and have improved my competition results from 85/115 in Dec to 93/118 in Apr and 90/121 in June with misses at 95/125." -Paul T.

Volume: Moderate
Intensity: Moderate

Good For:
  • Lower volume & intensity tolerance
  • Less experienced lifters
  • This is a relatively "light" training cycle - use it if you don't recover well from more intense, higher volume programs
  • The cycle is good for beginning and intermediate lifters, BUT you may have to adjust the weights, as your 1RMs are likely inaccurate. If certain lifts feel too easy, increase the weight.

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(13) Comments
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James 2015-08-05
Hey. I can't seem to find the spread sheet, can anyone point me in the right direction. Cheers, James
We are currently working on improving the spreadsheets. You will have to use the daily workouts to view each day. I apologize for the inconveinece.

Steve Pan
Jason 2015-08-16
Can you explain what you mean by "for 3s" Thanks.
I am not sure what you are refering to specifically but "for 3s" means "for 3 reps".

Steve Pan
Wayne 2015-08-18
I can't always get a workout in on Saturdays and my box is closed Sunday's. How do you feel about doing Saturday's workout Friday and resting all weekend?
It is not recommended, but if you must train on Friday try and take it easier on Thursday so you get a good workout on the last of the week.

Steve Pan
James 2015-08-18
Having trouble recovering. do you have any suggestions to modify this to a 4-day week, or possibly add another rest day after day 2 ( which would make it an 8-day 'week' vs. 7) Thanks, James
You can drop to 4 days/week and extend the program.

Greg Everett
Alex 2015-08-20
I have been doing crossfit for a year and I would like to start this program, just the program, but I want to know if a can do a running or something like conditioning after the workout because I want to loose some fat, but still want to focus on the lifting. Hope you can help me. Greetings from Mexico!!
I recommend reading the Help & Info section. For weightloss with a lifting program I recommend cleaning up your diet.

Steve Pan
Varun 2015-09-23
Can any of these programs be clubbed with a WOD after or is it essential to just stick to this program for best results. Looking to improve numbers in my FS, BS, C&J and presses, but also want to be in touch with other movements such as pulls-ups, toes-to-bar, HSPU etc. What would you recommend? Cheers!
I recommend against adding any programs together or adding a ton of work to this program.

As maintaining the other movements you can add a few of those as supplementary exercises in lieu of the conditioning work that is put on Tuesday/Thursday but I would try not to go too crazy on this stuff in terms of a "WOD" and possibly use the time to make sure the movements are strong and correct.

Steve Pan
Robert Blairatheon 2015-09-21
For warmup sets should I do just a single or say if the worksets are triples, warmup with triple ascending until worksets?
Do full reps on warm-up sets.

Greg Everett
With the program, do you update your 1RM every week. For example, if i want to gain say 1-2 kg per week do I just increase my totals each week which will inadvertanty increase the next weeks lifts?
No. You use your actual 1RM - if that changes at some point during the cycle, you use the new 1RM. The weights will increase each week as-is. If you start increasing the 1RM on which they're based as well, you're overdoing it.
Greg Everett
Minhaz Hussain 2015-01-28
How long would you recommend I rest in between sets? So far, for the first two exercises I have been resting a few minutes and the last two exercises a minute or so...
2-3 min is usually good. 4-5 min if you really need it for tougher sets.

Greg Everett
Bryan Villescas 2015-01-08
Hi Greg, I'm just getting ready to finish up the 12-week complete cycle and I'm looking to start with this once complete. I would like to increase strength but still maintain technique. With this program, it tests the max towards the end. Is it reasonable to throw in max efforts more often or would you recommend a different training cycle program? Thanks in advance.
You can go to heavy single snatch and CJ each saturday, but you may feel like complete shit each Monday.
Greg Everett
Jennifer Myers 2014-10-16
In my 3rd week of this program and I'm really enjoying it and have already made lots of improvement! Thanks!
Hamid Komairi 2014-09-25
I would like to combine this program with a crossfit program? I would do Monday Crossfit, Tuesday Weightlifting (1st day of the cycle), Wednesday Crossfit, Thursday rest, Friday Weightlifting (2nd day of the cycle), Saturday Crossfit, Sunday Weightlifting (3rd day of the cycle) and so on on a 3 days on 1 day off scheme.
You can do it, but your results won't be as good.
Greg Everett
Jaime Siguenza 2015-10-25
Hi, I am a shift worker on 4 days on 4 days off rotation. I will only be able to do 4 days of training on my day's off. This will leave me with 4 days of rest time. On the 5th day of training it calls for rest. Could I just start my training on my first day off from work and not take the rest day the program calls for. Could I apply this through out the 12 week program?
You can test this out but you will have to temper expectations of the results. You may have to adjust to see if you are able to keep making progress.

Steve Pan

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