Sewage Shake
Mike Gray

I dig the nutritional aspect of the weightlifting game.

I really try to get the most out of what I eat and I love to come in just under my weight while trying to hold onto the most amount of muscle I can. Watching what I eat has always been pretty important to me and having to make weight gives me even more reason to really think about what I consume.
I have read plenty about post-workout nutrition and I understand its importance so I devised a shake that tries to encompass everything I believe I need after I get done lifting.

Here is the recipe for my “Sewage Shake”.

Tools you will need:

• Vitamix Blender. I know it’s not cheap but this thing is BADASS! You want a nail and rock shake? This thing will make it. Seriously by the time you replace 5 blenders in a 5 year period you could have bought one of these mothers.
• Nalgene Bottle (32oz).
• Food Scale


• Coconut water. I use Zico because it’s cheap at Costco.
• Apple. To disguise the taste
• Whey Protein. I use MRM 2 scoops
• Carbo Gain Powder. Basically 50g of Maltodextrin
• 2 packs of Metamucil. I eat lots of meat
• 8oz of raw spinach. I buy the 2.5lb bag at Costco. Remember to wash it.

Blend the hell out of it. This is why you have the vitamix for that big handle you can jam into it and make it easier.

I believe this thing covers all my post workout nutritional bases and really isn’t that bad to drink. There a few things to remember though. I am a 94k lifter so your quantities may vary on the items listed above. Please drink it cold and don’t try to make a week’s worth at one time as by the time you get to your 5th or 6th shake it tastes awful.

By all means experiment with the idea. I certainly didn’t come up with mine on the first try and this might be the 6th version of it till I got it where I wanted it.

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Mark - Indy
September 19 2011
So was the name of this concoction based on it's taste or appearance...or simply the fact that it contains a myriad of things not normally eaten at one time?
September 19 2011
Its for the appearance of it. It also goes by the "kitchen sink" as in everything but that is in it.
Ashley Dub
September 20 2011
I bet Mike Gray tried to make a week's worth. That was written from expereince.
September 28 2011
VITAMIX! Although smaller and undoubtedly weaker, I do a version of that shake with great success.

hemp or rice protein, 2 scoops (30-35 grams protein, I eat ALOT of meat and avoid dairy so it's the choice for now)
1 1/2 cups mixed berries (for the carbs)
cup spinach
cup kale
cup chard/dandelion greens/whatever

berries cover the flavour more than adequately. the vitamix blasts the crap out of the veg and makes it palatable.