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Jasha Faye is a level 2 USA weightlifting coach and has been involved with the sport for over 25 years. A former Junior American and University record holder, Jasha represented the United States at 3 Junior World Championships, where his highest placing was 9th. He was Junior National Champion 3 times and American Champion twice. He was a resident athlete at the US Olympic Training center and he competed at the 1996 Olympic trials. He learned from two of America’s most prolific and successful coaches, Steve Gough and Dragomir Ciorslan.

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Prepare to Succeed: Nutrition Planning & Preparation
Jasha Faye | Nutrition | March 11 2015 | Comments (2)

As a coach, I have heard every excuse in the book. I have heard every complaint, every bitch and every moan. I should have a PhD in clinical psychology from the thousands of hours ... Continue reading
Adapting to the Grind: Mental Toughness & Visualization for Weightlifting
Jasha Faye | Olympic Weightlifting | March 26 2014 | Comments (15)

Olympic weightlifting requires the strength of a silverback gorilla, the speed of a cobra, the flexibility of a gymnast, and it helps to have the heart of a lion. But none of these... Continue reading
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