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Ask Greg: Slow Snatch Turnover
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | September 19 2018 | Comments

Mira asks: In the snatch, I feel like I have a slow turn over, like I always seem to sneak underneath the bar when receiving the bar overhead. Are there drills I can use to train this aspect outside of tall snatches from the hip? Are there any cues you can rec... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Stabilizing in the Bottom of the Snatch
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | May 28 2018 | Comments (4)

Kamil Asks: Hey! I'd like to ask you how to work on stabilization in a hole of a snatch. I'm lifting for less than 2 years now, and my biggest issues are my shoulders and k... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Strengthening the Lower Back
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | May 17 2018 | Comments

Wayne Asks: What are some of the best exercises you prescribe your athletes to strengthen lower backs? My weak lower back is more obvious from snatching than cleaning. Greg Says: I choose different exercises in different circumstances. First, figure out whe... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Speed Under The Bar & Receiving Depth
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | May 9 2018 | Comments

Nathan Asks: I'm a beginner coach, teaching beginners how to perform the lifts, so kinda like the vision impaired leading the blind… Kinda… We have a basic unders... Continue reading
Ask Greg: How Important is Bodyweight for Weightlifting?
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | April 25 2018 | Comments

Christoffer Asks: Hey, I was wondering how much your body mass matters in weightlifting and how much of an impact a few less or extra pounds can make on your performance. I also wo... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Cleans Crashing at Heavier Weights
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | April 4 2018 | Comments (1)

Eric Asks: I have the tendency of letting the bar crash on me on the clean. I've been using tall cleans to work on that problem. I feel like at lower percentages (<85%) I do better a job of meeting the bar. But as I go up in weight, I revert back to my ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: What Causes Pressouts (and How to Fix Them)?
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | March 28 2018 | Comments (1)

Elbow Woes Asks: My question is essentially: what causes pressouts? Anatomically, I have pretty good elbows for locking out. When the weight is about 90% I have noticed I sometimes... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Programming The Last Weeks Before a Meet
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | March 14 2018 | Comments

Sam Asks: When programming leading up to a meet, what should your program look like 2 weeks out and 1 week out?     Greg Says: This can vary quite a bit depending on a ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Hips Shooting Back in Squats & Cleans
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | March 7 2018 | Comments (2)

Christopher Asks: What to do if my butt/hip shoots back in back squat, front squat and clean?   There are a couple possibilities here: your hips are really shooting up, i.e.... Continue reading
Ask Greg: How Do Lifters Stay Lean?
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | February 28 2018 | Comments

Carolina Asks: How do weightlifters stay lean while lifting? Do they incorporate cardio if so what type and when?   Greg Says: The first thing to address is that it's a misconception by people coming into weightlifting from other sports (especially ... Continue reading
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