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Concentric Quarter Squat Jump
AKA Jumping squat, Block back squat jump

The concentric quarter squat jump is an explosive movement using moderately heavy loading to improve power in the drive of the jerk and the finish of the snatch and clean pulls.
Set up jerk blocks or a power rack so that the bar rests at a height that places you in an approximately quarter-squat position when under the bar as you would be for a back squat.
Position yourself under the bar in your back squat stance and bar position, and grip the bar tightly, pulling it against your traps securely to prevent it from moving during the exercise. Pressurize and brace your trunk forcefully.
Drive as hard as possible to jump maximally. If you can’t create legitimate separation from the floor, the weight is too heavy.
Partially absorb the weight as you come back down to guide the bar back onto the jerk blocks or power rack pins. Reset tightly before each rep.
If you’re not able to clear the floor at the top of the movement (i.e. actually jump), the weight is too heavy.   
The jumping squat helps train rate of force development in the legs and hips and aggressiveness in the final extension of the legs and hips, which can improve the drive of the jerk and finish of the snatch and clean pull.
Use sets of 3-5 reps with anywhere from about 50-80% of the lifter’s best back squat. Weight should not exceed what can be done with an actual jump off the floor and reasonable speed. Perform them at the end of a workout after primary exercises or immediately after squats.

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