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Back Squat Jump

The back squat jump is an exercise that trains explosiveness for the squat, the jerk, and the pulls of the snatch and clean.
Perform a back squat with a controlled eccentric speed and holding the bar tightly against your body to prevent it from moving. Immediately change directions in the bottom by catching the bounce and drive up as aggressively as possible into a maximal vertical jump. Perform subsequent reps without pausing—absorb the jump by immediately squatting down into the next rep.
Be careful of maintaining proper posture and balance—it will be natural to shift and jump forward. Each jump should be a maximal effort.
The back squat jump trains explosiveness in the legs that will transfer to lift speed, power and even strength. It can be used in a similar fashion to box jumps, but the full range of motion transfers better to squat recovery and also focuses on the explosiveness of the upward drive more than the elasticity of a countermovement.  
Sets of 3-5 reps with weights of about 20-25% of the lifter’s best back squat are usually appropriate. The weight should be such that a legitimate jump is possible. 

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