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1 1/4 Squat

The 1¼ squat is a variation of either the back squat or front squat that focuses on the bottom of the movement.
Perform the eccentric portion of the back squat or front squat. Recover only partially (about to parallel or slightly below), return to the bottom, then recover fully to standing. Maintain tension on the legs throughout the movement.
For a lot more information on the execution of squat in general, see the following articles:
This exercise was developed by Charles Poliquin.
The 1¼ squat is used to strengthen the bottommost part of the squat to aid in proper recovery position in the squat, clean or snatch. It can also be used specifically to train VMO and glute activation and strength. 
Typically the 1¼ squat will be performed at moderate to moderately heavy weights—it’s not an appropriate exercise to take to maximal effort. If the positions are not correct, it’s not effective. Sets of 2-5 reps are most common. Usually this would be done one day each week as a supplement to normal back and/or front squats other days of the week.
The 1¼ squat can be performed at a slow tempo throughout to maximize strength work, or it can be done with speed as a way to train the elasticity of the bounce in the squat or clean.

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December 1 2017
What percentage of 1rm would be appropriate to use as a guide for "moderate to moderately heavy "?
Leslie - This really depends, with this movement, it is best to feel it out and judge as you go. You can start out pretty light at about 70% or so, then work your way up from there. 

Alyssa Sulay