Ankle Mobility For Squats & Olympic Weightlifting

The best way to improve your ankle mobility is also the simplest.

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Charles Janicki
October 11 2019
Greg, I am old time master lifter. My bottom position seems to be quite solid and low enough. However, my left foot has always shifted or rotates out I would say approx. 30 degrees when I hit bottom. Will these mobility exercises work with this foot rotation or do you have other videos or recommendations to correct this issue? I have been lifting on and off since the late 70's and this has always been the norm for me. Any input would be appreciated. Regards.
Typically that kind of forced outward rotation is the body's way of getting around a limited range of dorsiflexion, so yes, improving your ankle mobility should help this... That said, you've been doing that for 50 years, so that movement pattern is about as ingrained as possible, so the ability to squat without that rotation likely won't have a significant effect without really working on changing the skill side of things. If your bottom position feels solid, I honestly wouldn't invest much time and energy into trying to "fix" it.

Greg Everett
December 9 2019
Hello, I am new to lifting, approximately for a year or so. I have flat feet ( not severe case) which affects my squat quite a lot, along with terrible ankle mobility. Currently Squatting with oly-shoes since I cant squat bodyweight. Should I drop the squat altogether and relearn mobility for a bodyweight squatt? Just add more mobility drills. My squat looks like a frog with a barbell by the way and since you commented below on incorrect movement patterns I would appreciate your advice. Thanks!
The squat IS a mobility drill for the squat, and more importantly, it develops control/stability. Just keep loading minimal as you're developing better positions and work on plenty of single leg strength like step-ups, split squats and lunge variations.

Greg Everett
April 10 2020
How long would you suggest holding the stretch for? How many sets?
Logan - hold it for about 30s/side for 1-2 sets.

Alyssa Sulay