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Snatch Press

AKA Snatch grip press behind the neck, Klokov press
The snatch press is the simplest upper body strength exercise for the snatch.  
Stand with the barbell behind your neck as it would be in a back squat, holding it with a snatch-width grip. Keep your shoulder blades squeezed back together and your trunk stabilized tightly. Press the bar straight up into the proper snatch overhead position, locking it in tightly before lowering the bar under control for the next rep. 
Athletes who cannot press smoothly from behind the neck should avoid this exercise until they’ve achieved better mobility. In no case should it cause any pain.
The snatch press is a simple upper body strength exercise for the snatch and helps teach and reinforce the proper overhead position for the snatch.
The snatch press can be done with anywhere from 3-10 reps per set. Weights should generally be such that the exercise can be performed smoothly—that is, the athlete shouldn’t need to grind through it with changes from ideal positions. Heavy weights can be used by lifters with excellent mobility and shoulder stability and strength. Those with less than optimal mobility should keep weights low and use it as more of a mobility exercise, and never perform any painful reps. As a strength exercise, it should be placed toward the end of a workout. With lighter weights (or an empty bar), it can be used before snatches as a warm-up for the shoulders, elbows and wrists.
The snatch press can be done with touch-and-go reps, or by completely resetting the bar on the back and starting each rep from a dead stop. It can also be done seated. 

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January 3 2016
Is it supposed to be done in the receiving position or as demo shows?
Snatch press should be done as shown in the demo.

Steve Pan