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Clean Rack Delivery

The clean rack delivery is the isolated upper body turnover motion of the third pull of the clean. Stand and lift a bar with a clean grip to a scarecrow position—elbows up to about shoulder height and out to the sides with the bar hanging down against the chest.
From this starting position, squeeze the shoulders back to bring the bar toward the shoulders as you spin the elbows around the bar and secure the clean rack position smoothly without lowering the body.
Be sure to actively bring the bar back into position rather than leaning the chest forward at all to meet it.
The starting position of this exercise is awkward and many lifters will need to use a lighter technique barbell at least initially.
The clean rack delivery is a teaching drill for the clean turnover and can be used to practice and reinforce the motion or as a warm-up for cleans.
Sets of 5-10 reps with an empty bar is usually appropriate, and a light technique bar may be necessary to allow some lifters to execute the motion properly.
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