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Walking Lunge

The walking lunge is one of the simplest unilateral leg exercises but has nearly endless possible variations.
Step one leg forward into a lunge position, adjusting the length depending on your intent—longer strides will place more emphasis on hamstrings and glutes, and shorter strides will bring more quads in—and then step the other foot forward. Repeat for desired number of steps or distance. Generally it’s best to take one continuous step, but in some cases you may need to bring the back foot up to meet the front momentarily before stepping it the rest of the way forward.
The walking lunge is a simple, accessible way to train hip stability and unilateral leg and hip strength, and to accumulate a lot of volume with little time and little to no equipment.
The walking lunge can be loaded in any number of ways—barbell on the back or front rack position, kettlebells or dumbbells at arms’ length or in the front rack, kettlebell in goblet position, sandbag on one shoulder, behind the back or bear hugged, etc. All of these implements can also be held overhead, or in combination with one arm overhead and the other hanging or racked on the shoulder. You can even drag a sled.

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