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Overhead Step To Split

The overhead step to split is a variation of the step to split exercise that focuses on the stabilization of the jerk overhead in the split position.
Press or push press a barbell into the jerk overhead position. Step out with one leg into your default split jerk receiving stance and tighten the position immediately—that is, don’t sink into a deeper lunge, but lock out the split in the depth you would normally receive your jerks. Maintain your upright posture and land with your weight balanced evenly between the front and back feet.
Step back with the front leg into the starting position to begin the next rep. As an alternative, you can step back about a third of the way first as you would in a jerk recovery, and then step the back foot up to meet the front, or simply step back again the rest of the way with the front foot after the initial recovery step.
The overhead step to split helps force the lifter to learn how to immediately stabilize a jerk overhead in the split position. A lifter can be very strong with a static hold or even in a jerk recovery, but when motion is added to the establishment of the split, instability occurs.
The step to split should be done after the classic lift and variants, but can be done before more strength-oriented work like squatting and pulling. Weights will be considerably lighter than used in the step to split or the split jerk, particularly if hanging weights are used.
The step to split can use a traditionally loaded bar, with hanging chains, or with weights hanging from elastic bands (or a combination of these). Hanging chains or weights is typically ideal, as this will create the most instability. The exercise can also be done with alternating legs with the athlete walking forward with each step, in which case the exercise would be called an overhead walk to split. 

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