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Belts in the Snatch, How Far Out to Write Programs, Assessing New Clients
Episode 30 | August 29 2017

Whether or not it's OK to wear a belt in the snatch, how far out a coach should write training programs, and assessing new clients for their readiness for weightlifting. Weightlifting Life podcast is sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance compan...

Knee Position in the Snatch, Pushing Knees Back in the Pull, Feet Stuck in the Snatch, Deadlifting
Episode 29 | August 15 2017

Whether or not it's a concern to use a wide, knees-inside-the-feet receiving position for the snatch; trouble with pushing the knees too far back in the pull; not being able to move the feet when pulling under heavy snatches; what role deadlifts ...

Overhead Problems, Wrist Pain in Cleans, No hook/Feet/Contact Lifts
Episode 28 | August 1 2017

Whether scapular winging is preventing a good overhead position and what to do about it, what could be causing wrist pain in cleans and what the proper clean rack position should look like, and what the uses for no hook, no feet and no contact snatch...

Programming with CrossFit, Athlete Technique Input, Moving Up Weight Classes, Self-Talk
Episode 27 | July 18 2017

How to program 2 days/week of weightlifting for CrossFitters, how say much a lifter should have in determining technique, how programming needs to be changed when moving up a weight class, and the importance and nature of self-talk. Weightlifting ...

Clarking, Collapsing in Cleans, Jerk Timing, Deloading
Episode 26 | July 6 2017

Getting over Clarking snatches and cleans, how to fix the upper back collapsing in the clean, improving jerk timing to avoid pressouts, and how to program a back-off week. This podcast is supported by Health IQ, a life insurance company that celeb...

IOC Ultimatum, Best Overhead Stability Exercises, Elbows Rebending Overhead
Episode 25 | June 20 2017

Discussion of the IOC's decision to reduce the number of weightlifters in the Olympics and the doping problem, the best overhead stability exercises for the snatch and jerk, and how to fix the elbows rebending after receiving the snatch or jerk. ...

Wide-Grip Jerk, Quiet Feet, Weak Power Snatch, Finish Position, Turnover Proximity
Episode 24 | June 6 2017

Benefits, potential problems, and things to work on for wide-grip jerks; whether or not loud feet in the lifts is important and why; what it means if you have a weak power snatch relative to your snatch and what to do about it; the position of the fi...

The Competition Edition
Episode 23 | May 23 2017

Rules of competition you may not know that can get you into trouble, attempt strategies, and how best to fill time in competition. This podcast is supported by Health IQ, a life insurance company that celebrates weightlifters and other health cons...

Internal vs External Rotation Overhead, Curling the Wrists, Flat Feet, Intuitive Training vs. Programming, Low Back vs. Leg Strength
Episode 22 | May 9 2017

Curling the wrists in the snatch and clean, what to do about flat feet, whether training should be done intuitively or according to a program, lower back vs.s leg strength and the body shifting to place the burden on one or the other, and whether the...

Double Bouncing, Foot Movement, Post Activation Potentiation, Overhead Squat Wrist Pain
Episode 21 | April 25 2017

Double bouncing in the clean and how to avoid it, whether the feet should slide or stomp in the snatch and clean, post activation potentiation, and wrist pain in the overhead squat. This podcast is supported by Health IQ, a life insurance company ...
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