How To Dip Correctly In The Jerk

The jerk dip is a tricky motion for a lot of athletes because most of us are so accustomed to relying on the hips for athletic movement, and the jerk is essentially all knees. The dip arguably influences the jerk more than any other element.
When standing in the drive position, imagine a vertical line running approximately through the bar, hip and ankle.
The goal is to keep these three points in that line throughout the dip and drive. This maintains the balance of the system over the foot and ensures the bar trajectory is up and slightly back.
The only way this is possible is by performing the dip by bending only at the knees—sitting the hips back will redirect the drive of the bar forward and move the body backward as you push under.
Don’t confuse this as meaning that the pelvis should roll under or the hips slide forward. The spine should be neutral and the pelvis should maintain its orientation. Lock this trunk position in with pressurization and active muscular tension.
Balance near the back off the foot while maintaining full foot contact with the floor—don’t shift so far back that the toes lift off the floor.
Widening the stance and turning the feet out more to move the knees out more can make maintaining this vertical position easier, especially if you have longer legs and a deeper dip. Just don’t turn out so much that your area of balance is excessively reduced.
Practice the proper motion and balance with pause jerks and jerk dip squats.

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