Arm Timing In The Jerk

I predict at least one comment about my overcomplicating this topic because you “just push with the arms when you’re done driving with the legs.”
And I would agree with that if it weren’t wrong.
The optimal time to begin pushing with the arms is when the bar reaches its maximal speed in the drive—and when in the drive that occurs changes depending on the type of dip and drive used by the athlete.
A more elastic athlete who has a quick, shallow dip and a very explosive drive will need to start pushing with the arms earlier in the drive because they reach maximal speed before the legs are completely extended.
An athlete who has to rely more on strength with a deeper, slower dip will take longer to get up to maximal speed in the drive, which means they’ll need to wait to begin pushing with the arms until the legs are fully extended.
This timing is what will allow the generation of maximal speed with the leg drive, and the preservation of as much of that speed as possible with the continuing push of the arms.

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