Pull Back in the Clean Turnover

One of the most overlooked pieces of a quick, secure clean turnover is the need to actively bring and keep the bar close throughout the pull under.
If allowed to move naturally after the finish of the pull, the bar will at best move straight up, and more likely slightly forward.
This means the turnover becomes more of a curling motion—muscling the bar around the elbows—which is slow and imprecise, and usually results in a forward, low-elbowed rack position if the bar is even racked at all.
An active pull of the bar into the body throughout the third pull will allow the bar to be the pivot point for the elbows, meaning the elbows can whip around the bar quickly with no resistance—they’re primarily just spinning the bar on its bearings.
Get a feel for this spin instead of a curl with the rack delivery drill—actively pull back and into the shoulders as you spin the elbows around the bar.
Then integrate that spin into the whole arm movement with the tall muscle clean, actively guiding the bar up as close as possible and back into the shoulders.
Finally, use the tall clean to practice executing this motion with maximal speed and aggression without sacrificing precision.

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