Clean Vs. Jerk Rack Position

To optimize each lift, we can use slightly different rack positions for the clean and the jerk.
The most fundamental elements are the same: The bar needs to be supported directly by the trunk, not the arms, and secured in place.
To do this, push the shoulders forward and very slightly up without rounding the upper back. Place the bar in the channel created between the throat and the highest point of the shoulder.
For the clean, lift the elbows as high as you can to further reinforce bar security, and to reinforce upper back extension and upright squat posture.
For the jerk, bring the elbows down and spread them wider—keep the elbows in front of the bar, and the bar and shoulders in the same position. This keeps the bar directly connected to the trunk to ensure all of the leg drive force is transmitted to it, while also putting the arms closer to a pressing position for a quicker transition into a forceful push overhead.
The same adjustment can be made even if you’re forced to use a fingertip rack position. Just remember that in all cases, the priority is the security of the bar in the rack—keep the elbows higher for the jerk as needed to ensure this.

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