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Benjamin Claridad is the owner and coach of Occam Athletics based in Sacramento, California.  In addition to being a nationally competitive weightlifter himself as an A session lifter for the past several years, he is also an active artist specializing in oil paint and ink.  His grassroots, no-nonsense take on weightlifting training continually produces national caliber athletes while he remains active in his Local Weightlifting Association.  You can follow him on instagram @wizardofoccam and @occam_athletics.

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Grip Training for Weightlifters and Beyond
Benjamin Claridad | Olympic Weightlifting | September 4 2019 | Comments

Specificity is king—that will never change in regards to strength sport. However, in recent years I have consistently found myself championing the importance of general physical strength and its positive effects for the competitive Olympic weightlifter. ... Continue reading
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