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Split Snatch

The split snatch was the traditional form of the snatch until the 1950s and 1960s when the squat style now used today began to take over. Its primary use now is by masters lifters with limited mobility or injuries.    
The split snatch is performed in the same way as the squat snatch, but rather than moving under the barbell into a squat receiving position, the athlete moves under in a split position. Unless an athlete is practiced in this movement, a very deep split is unlikely because of the required flexibility and foot speed.
The primary modern use of the split snatch is to make snatching possible for masters lifters or those otherwise limited in their overhead mobility due to inflexibility or injuries. However, the lift can also be used as a way to include more split footwork training for the jerk without adding additional exercises—for example, a lifter who needs split practice may perform split snatches where another athlete would perform power snatches, thereby addressing both purposes with a single exercise.
If the split snatch is the main snatch variation used by the athlete, the programming for the lift is the same as for the squat snatch. It can also be used in a similar manner as the power snatch as a less taxing snatch variation for lighter training days, or as a split footwork technique exercise. In the latter case, sets of 1-3 reps are recommended.

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Viking Lifter
February 28 2015
http://i.ytimg.com/vi/Nl4wAnW7tCU/hqdefault.jpg A deep split is achieved by raising the front knee and dropping down onto that knee after the split. Schemansky did this.
Yes, this is not showing a full-depth split. But a full split for a snatch is done with the front foot closer to the hips (closer to a squat position). The back knee cannot touch the platform for it to be a legal lift.

Greg Everett
October 13 2016
I've started split snatching due mobility--and I'm wondering what an OHS might look like from a split position. Until legs are locked?
Erin Smuland
January 14 2021
Do split snatchers need to do the same accessory movements prescribed to full snatchers (ohs, snatch balance, etc.)? Or do they have movements better suited to perfect technique?
Yes, they can do all the same things but with a split position instead of squat.

Greg Everett