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The clean-jerk is a hybrid exercise that combines the clean and jerk into a single movement. Note that this is not the same thing as a clean & jerk, which is two distinct movements.
Perform a clean, making sure to rack it with as close to a full grip as possible (as close to a jerk rack position as you can manage). Accelerate up through the squat recovery as much as possible. As you reach the standing position continue driving hard against the floor with the legs to push the bar up off the shoulders. Move the feet into the split position as you press yourself down under the bar into a locked-out overhead position to finish in a split jerk.
If you’re unable to clean with a jerk rack position, get as close as possible, and shift the position as you reach the top of the squat so you’re able to transition smoothly into the jerk.  
This exercise can be used to train a more aggressive recovery in the clean, a more accurate turnover in the clean, and strengthen the drive of the jerk by tiring the legs more prior to the final extension.
Sets of 1-2 reps are suggested with weights anywhere from 70% to the lifter’s maximum jerk. Generally this exercise should be performed following any snatch variants and before heavier clean variants depending on what the intended emphasis of the workout is.    
This movement can be followed by a second normal jerk, or clean & jerk.

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