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Power Clean - Push Press

AKA Power clean into push press
This is a combination exercise that works on timing and aggression for both the clean turnover and the drive of the jerk.
Perform a power clean and immediately drive up from the receiving position into a push press with no pausing or dipping. This will require keeping a full grip on the bar during the turnover.
The power clean push press is a way to force the athlete to execute each portion of the lift more precisely and aggressively because any divergence from correct balance and position greatly magnifies the difficulty. It can help improve the timing and accuracy of the clean turnover and the ability to maintain a full grip on the bar during it, and more aggression in the drive up of the jerk because the push press is being performed without a preceding dip to add the typical elasticity.
The power clean – push press can be programmed essentially as a substitute for the push press, using similar reps and weights—from 1-5 reps, both with moderate weights and as high as max effort singles (or reps).

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