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Push Jerk In Snatch

AKA Push in snatch, push press in snatch
The push jerk in snatch is a variation of the press in snatch that allows more weight to be used.     
With a snatch-width grip and the bar resting behind your neck, sit into the bottom of a squat. From this bottom position, push with the legs up into a low partial squat to drive the bar up before pressing up against it with the arms. As your arms continue pressing against the bar, sit back into the full squat position to allow the final extension of the arms so that you reach full elbow extension at approximately the same time you reach the bottom of the squat. Your squat stance should be exactly what you use in the snatch with the feet flat and your balance correct. The trunk should be held rigidly throughout the set in exactly the same posture you want when receiving the snatch.
This exercise is only appropriate for lifters whose mobility allows the movement to be done without pain. While it will help improve mobility and posture, the athlete needs to be in range for it to be effective and not harmful to the shoulders. The exercise could be considered a variation of the heaving snatch balance in which the lifter never stands above a low partial squat.
Just like the press in snatch, the push jerk in snatch helps improve snatch receiving position mobility in the ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders. It also helps improve trunk stability strength, back extension strength (particularly mid and upper back), upper body overhead strength, balance in the receiving position, and accuracy in the overhead position. However, it allows the use of more weight than the press in snatch.
With light weights, the push jerk in snatch can be used in the same way as the press in snatch, as a warm-up drill or technique primer to prepare the lifter for the upcoming snatch training session. If using heavy weights for more strength development, it should be used after primary lifts like snatch, clean and jerk variations, and can be done before or after strength exercises like pulls and squats. Sets of 2-5 reps are appropriate.
The push jerk in snatch can be done as a continuous series of reps, immediately changing directions and driving back up each time you hit the bottom of the squat, or can be done as a series of distinct reps in which you settle into the bottom of the squat and sit still momentarily before beginning the next rep.

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