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Snatch Power Jerk
AKA Snatch push jerk, snatch power jerk behind the neck, snatch-grip power jerk

The snatch power jerk is a simple strength exercise for the snatch overhead position, and a common way to get a bar overhead for overhead squats.
Stand with the barbell behind your neck with your snatch grip. If you hold the hook grip overhead in the snatch, use it here; if you release the hook in the snatch, don’t use the hook.
Squeeze the upper inside edges of the shoulder blades together tightly as they will be overhead, brace your trunk, and ensure even balance over the whole foot.
Dip at the knees and drive hard against the floor with the legs as you would for a jerk to accelerate and elevate the bar maximally. As the bar leaves the shoulders, punch aggressively with the arms and move the feet into your squat stance, sitting into a partial squat as you lock the bar out forcefully overhead.
Hold a moment before lowering to the shoulders and resetting for the next rep.
Any snatch pressing or jerking exercise is normally started behind the neck, so it’s usually unnecessary to specify behind the neck when prescribing such lifts. Because the bar and the trunk begin in the same place and orientation respectively that they should be in when the bar is overhead, the bar path should be perfectly vertical and the trunk should remain in the same orientation (inclined forward very slightly). Be cautious not to hinge at the hips when dipping.
The snatch power jerk is primarily used as a way to get the bar into place overhead in preparation for overhead squats, but it can also be used to train and strengthen the proper overhead position for the snatch, especially when overhead squats or snatch balances can’t be done due to pain or injury, or to reduce loading on the legs.
If being used to secure a bar overhead for a subsequent overhead squat, the snatch power jerk will just be a single. If using it to strengthen the snatch overhead position, sets of 3-5 reps are suggested with weights starting around from 70% of the lifter’s best snatch or overhead squat. Generally this exercise should be performed following any snatch variants and possibly before clean variants depending on what the intended emphasis of the workout is.
The snatch power jerk can be performed without the feet leaving the floor, in which case it becomes a snatch push jerk.

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