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Power Clean Into Front Squat

The power clean into front squat is a hybrid exercise that combines a power clean and front squat into a single exercise, but is different from a power clean + front squat complex.  
Perform a power clean as you would normally, but hold in the power receiving position for 2-3 seconds, and then sit directly into a front squat and recover to standing.
This exercise is not the same as a power clean + front squat complex because the athlete never stands completely between the power clean and squat.
The primary purpose of the exercise is to allow the athlete to practice a better receiving position for the clean by meeting the bar in a relatively high position with the proper stance, posture and resistance against the bar. It can be thought of as a clean with a pause partway under the bar.
Power clean into front squats should generally be programmed with 1-3 reps. They can be performed for maximal effort singles like a power clean would be, but generally 2-3 reps at submaximal weights is more effective. Typically intensity will be about 70-85% of the lifter’s best power clean.
The power clean into front squat can be combined in a complex with a clean after to first practice meeting the bar properly, and then put that technique to use in a subsequent clean.

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