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Jerk Support In Split

Jerk Support in Split
The jerk support in split is a variation of the jerk support for overhead strength in the jerk.
Set up a barbell in a power rack at a height 1-2 inches below where it would be if overhead in your jerk split position. Set your jerk grip on the bar and step or jump into your full jerk split position under the bar with locked elbows. Make sure you’re balanced directly under the bar—some lifters like to hang off the bar to get centered and then place their feet on the floor. With the trunk and upper back locked tightly, push straight up with the legs to lift the bar off the pins and hold steady for the prescribed time—usually 3-5 seconds—in the split position. Lower the bar back onto the rack by bending at the knees.
The most difficult part of the exercise is usually the initial break of the bar off the rack and ensuring it’s balanced. Make sure you’re locking in the upper back and trunk tightly and squeeze the bar up off the pins rather than trying to lift it abruptly. Maintain your balance approximately evenly between your two feet when holding in the split position—be careful not to lean forward onto the front leg.
The jerk support in split is a way to strengthen the overhead position for the jerk specifically in the split position, which will be the weakest part of the lift’s receipt, help develop proper balance in the split position, and improve confidence in the jerk.  
The jerk support in split should generally be placed at or near the end of a workout. 1-3 repetitions at 3-5 seconds are most common, but hold times can be increased to 10 seconds. Weights can range anywhere from 90% to over 100% of the lifter’s best jerk. Often a lifter can just work up to the heaviest possible on a given day.  
The jerk support can be done from a normal stance, or a full recovery from the split into the standing position can be added, making it a jerk recovery.  

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