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Jerk From Split
AKA Split jerk from split, jerk in split, split jerk in split

The jerk from split is simply split jerk that begins with the feet in the split position rather than the normal drive position.
Start with your feet in your split receiving position and the bar in the jerk rack position. Ensure equal balance on the two feet and brace your trunk.
Dip straight down by bending both legs, and drive straight back up to elevate and accelerate the bar. Push the bar up and slightly back off the shoulders with the arms, pulling the head back out of the way, as you lift both feet slightly. Plant the feet back in the same split position and secure the bar overhead forcefully, ensuring the same equal balance on the feet.
This is a helpful exercise for strengthening the split position, and also for reinforcing the proper position and balance in the split (approximately equal between the feet), while also strengthening and reinforcing the proper overhead position for the jerk. It can also help with keeping trunk leaning to the minimum needed to establish the proper overhead position for lifters who dive their chests forward excessively in the split.
Sets of 3-5 reps with anything from an empty bar to 60% of best jerk. Some lifters will be able to move a lot of weight in this exercise, but never exceed what can be done properly, particularly with regard to balance, as it will defeat the purpose and simply reinforce the problems it’s supposed to be correcting. It can be used after primary jerk exercises as a strengthening accessory, or before jerks as a primer.
The jerk from split can be performed from behind the neck. It can also be done as a push jerk in split, in which the feet stay planted on the floor throughout the movement.
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