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Press In Snatch With Hanging Weights

The press in snatch with hanging weights is a simple way to add greater stability demand to the press in snatch.
Perform a press in snatch with plates hanging from the bar on bands.
This exercise is only appropriate for lifters whose mobility allows the movement to be done without pain. While it will help improve mobility and posture, the athlete needs to be in range for it to be effective and not harmful to the shoulders.
The press in snatch provides all the same benefits as the press in snatch but forces additional stabilization so can be good for lifters who have trouble holding their bars still when receiving the snatch.
Sets of 5-10 reps are appropriate; weights need to be determined based on the abilities of the lifter, and may be limited to the empty barbell. If they will be done with heavy loading, they can be performed toward the end of a training session as more of a strength exercise to prevent overly fatiguing the upper body prior to performing heavy snatches.
The press in snatch with hanging weights can be started from the top down (i.e. sit into the squat with the bar already overhead and then lower and press); it can be done with prescribed pauses in the overhead position (usually 2-3 seconds); and it can be done with completely resetting the bar on the back and beginning each rep from a dead stop.

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