Jerk Rack Position

The optimal rack position for the jerk will differ from the clean rack position for most lifters. Just like for the clean, the priority for the jerk rack position is that the bar is supported completely and directly by the trunk.

Unlike in the clean, though, we also want the hands and arms in the most advantageous pressing position possible without sacrificing this connection—this means the hands deeper under the bar and the elbows down and out.

Start with your grip a fist-width outside your shoulders. Pressurize your trunk with air, extend your upper back, and push your shoulders forward as far as you can and slightly up. Position the bar in the channel created between the highest point of your shoulders and your throat.

The bar should be in light contact with your throat but not placing pressure against it, and the slight elevation of the shoulders will keep pressure off of your collarbones and carotid arteries.

Moving your palms as deep under the bar as you can, bring your elbows down while keeping them at least slightly in front of the bar, and open them out to the sides, spreading and pushing your lats up under your arms.

If you’re unable to keep your palms under the bar because of your proportions or immobility, experiment with different grip widths. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, you’ll need to use some degree of open grip. Keep all other points the same.

Clean Rack Position
Adjusting from Clean to Jerk Rack Position

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