Vertical Finish For Snatch & Clean Pulls

It gets confusing at times, but in supplemental exercises, we don’t necessarily want to try to mimic the associated Olympic lift precisely.
Snatch and clean pulls are a perfect example. The purpose of the exercise is not to perfectly replicate the motion, but to develop certain physical qualities that contribute to our ability to snatch and clean more.
The biggest difference between a pull and a lift, besides the obvious lack of motion down under the bar, is that we want to extend the entire body vertically at the top rather than leaning the trunk back with only the legs vertical as we’d see in a snatch or clean.
This allows us to better train balance, and forceful, complete and properly-directed leg drive through the extension, commonly missing in snatches and cleans.
We get the added benefit of improving our ability to keep the bar moving up the body instead of away after contact.
Push vertically through the whole foot and stretch the body straight up, and continuing to push into the floor until the bar stops moving up.
Keep in mind, there are dozens of other pull variations and many involve a different finish position to address specific goals. Apply this to conventional pulls.

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