Snatch & Clean Pull & Deadlift Variations

There are quite a few more variations than this, but these cover essentially everything from the floor.
You can see full instructional videos with more info for each one, along with hundreds of other exercises, in my free exercise library here.
  • Pull to Stop
  • Lift-off
  • Halting Deadlift
  • Pull to Hip
  • Short Pull (AKA Lasha pull)
  • DL to Power Position
  • Deadlift
  • Segment Deadlift (AKA pause deadlift)
  • Stage pull
  • Pull
  • Slow pull
  • Segment Pull (AKA pause pull)
  • Flat-Footed Pull
  • Pull to Hold
  • Flat-Footed Pull to Hold
  • High-Pull
  • Stick high-pull
  • Speed pull (AKA panda pull)

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