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8-Week General Cycle
8 weeks

This is an 8-week cycle using 3-position snatches and cleans, power snatches and power cleans, and plenty of pulls, squats and classic snatch and clean & jerk.

"Snatch went from 100kg to 110kg, squat went from 160kg to 180kg. Have not retested my front squat yet but my old 1rm was 145kg and this week I hit 150kg for a double. My deadlift also went from 192.5kg to 205kg. Over all I have had some great strength gains, and my technique and stability, in c&j and snatch has improved tenfold."

"I'm finishing up week 7/8 and I have hit some amazing PRs already. My previous 1rm c&j was 275#. I just hit 285# on Wednesday for a 2+1."

"Did this program and went from an ugly 175 lbs snatch to a solid 200 lbs, and from a shaky 245 C&J to a crisp, almost easy 265 lbs. Fantastic content on this site! Thanks!"

Volume: Moderate-High
Intensity: Moderate

Good For:
  • CrossFitters or other athletes who want to emphasize strength and weightlifting temporarily while not losing a lot of conditioning
  • Beginning to intermediate lifters
  • Some days have conditioning work - this is optional and only for those who want to maintain conditioning for activities/sports other than weightlifting during the cycle
  • If you're a newer lifter, your 1RMs are likely not accurate, and you may have to adjust the prescribed weights up if they feel too easy

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(23) Comments
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Evan 2015-08-13
how exactly is one supposed to do the 3-position exercises when it says: 3-Position 60%, 65%, 70% x 4 sets? Does that mean: 1 rep 3-Position at 60% x 1 set 1 rep 3-Position at 65% x 1 set 1 rep 3-Position at 70% x 4 sets ???
That is correct.

Steve Pan
Rudy b 2015-08-14
I've been looking on this page for the link to the spreadsheet program and can not find it. Am I missing it?
We are currently working on improving the spreadsheets. You will have to use the site workouts for the time being. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Steve Pan
Josh 2015-08-17
What kind of rest time should we be looking at in between the sets?
2-3 minutes on olympic lifts and 3-5 minutes on squats should be fine.

Steve Pan
James 2015-08-27
Do you no longer offer the download excel spreadsheet for your training programs?
Brett 2015-09-08
As a general rule if the weights feel light is it okay to go heavier or add reps? For example, front squats on day 3 felt light (for squats anyway) and looking forward to the powersnatches tomorrow it seems like those will be light as well. I know it's not supposed to be a max effort but if you just feel really good and want to add weight is that okay?
Brett 2015-09-09
Please disregard previous question. Not sure how I missed the answer clearly written in the program description. Sorry if I wasted your time. Love the programs. The 12 week cycle got my bs up #25to #360 fs up to #275 snatch up #10 to #205 and cj up 15# to #245. Thank you again. Cant wait to work through this one!
Mel 2015-09-14
What does front squat x 75% x2m mean?
A breakdown of the notation can be found here.

Steve Pan
Jonathan 2015-09-15
I see you've answered the question already, but do you mind clarifying for me to make sure I've got it right? For the 3 position you'd do all three positions(3 reps @ 60%), then add weight and do all 3 again at 65% and then add weight again and do them a 3rd time at 70% and those 9 total reps (3 at 60, 3at 65 and 3 at 70) would be your first set? Then you'd take the weight back down to 60% and do that again 3 more times for 4 sets (36 total reps)? Thanks for explaining again! J
Each one is its own set. So one set of 3-position snatch/clean at each percentage (one set at 60%, one set at 65%, and 4 sets at 70% on the first week). You will do 6 total 3-position lifts on Monday's workout.

Steve Pan
Mel 2015-09-20
Sorry, I still dont get what the m is. I understand RM but what is the m with a % ex. 70%x2m
This was an error and has been corrected. The "m" was a comma.

Steve Pan
Christina 2015-10-02
Is there a downloadable spreadsheet for the cycle or do I have to manually enter in all my 1 rm's?
The sheets are no longer available. You will have to do them manually for the time being. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Steve Pan
Jason M 2015-10-05
Did this program and went from an ugly 175 lbs snatch to a solid 200 lbs, and from a shaky 245 C&J to a crisp, almost easy 265 lbs. Fantastic content on this site! Thanks!
steve 2015-10-06
hi, what does SLDL means and what is meant by a heavy single, is it trying for a new PR or just adding a bit of more weight?
SLDL is Stiff Legged Deadlift and can be found here.

Description for Heavy Single can be found in the section here.

Steve Pan
J Sheppard 2015-10-07
Are the percentages for variations such as power cleans based off the lifter's 1RM for the competition lift or that specific variation?
Percentage of the listed exercise unless otherwise specified. Power clean percentages will go off of the lifter's best power clean.

Steve Pan
Becca 2015-10-07
Generally speaking, if I fail a rep in my set, should I redo the whole set, redo just the one rep, or just move on and fight harder for the reps in the remaining sets? Thanks in advance
Move on to the next set and try your best to correct what caused you to fail on the previous set.

Steve Pan
Steven Ma 2015-10-12
If I miss a day of the cycle, should I just make up the day I missed and continue from there or is there something else you prescribed for missed days?
Steven Ma 2015-10-12
For the 3-position Clean & Jerk, do you jerk after each position? For example at 60%: do a clean from the floor and jerk, do a clean from below the knew and jerk, and do a clean from above the knee and jerk? Or is it clean from the 3 positions and then one jerk? Thanks
One Jerk at the end after the 3-position clean.

Steve Pan
Cassie Massey 2015-09-07
For each week, would you calculate percentages based on initial maxes? So if you PR your snatch and/or Clean & Jerk in the heavy singles on Saturday, would you take 60% of the new figure for this session? Thanks!
Calculate %s for the entire program on your true 1RMs at the start of the cycle. If you make a new PR during the cycle, use that new 1RM to calculate %s from then on.

Greg Everett
Matthew Martine 2015-08-02
I just fnished this 8 week cycle. Generally happy with the results. I had to break it up a bit due to other factors, so the 8 weeks was more like 11 weeks, which I feel inturupted my progress, but I still did well. Snatch went up 30lbs, C&J went up 30lbs, Back Squat went up 40lbs, and Front Squat went up 50lbs. Very impressed with Catalyst, and I'm definitely following more of your programing in the future.
Payton Owens 2015-10-21
Hello Catalyst Athletics, First let me just say thank you for these programs! They are greatly appreciated. So I've read through all of the comments and understand 99% of this program. The one question I have comes from Day 17 when it says "3-Position Snatch (floor, below knee, above knee) - 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, max". For the Max is that meaning do a 3 Position Snatch with my 3RM weight off of my 1RM? Or am I finding a max for the 3 PS. Thank you again.
Work up to the best 3-Position snatch that you can make after hitting 80%.

Steve Pan
Brett Geyer 2015-10-24
I know each element of these programs is designed with purpose and is important. However, if a decision must be made is weight or rep scheme more important. For example on the 5x5 back squat if failure/near failure occurs rep 5 on set 4 and is not due to technique (as mentioned in comment above) or inadequate rest but rather fatigue should the lifter attempt a lower weight they know they can do for 5 in the last set or stick with the weight and try to get as close to 5 as possible.
You may take the weight down for the last sets if you are absolutely dying. It is prefereable to make good reps rather than taking a set that you will fail on.

Steve Pan
Mike Longo 2015-10-26
What warm up do you recommend for this workout? Do you have something generic that I can use for this cycle ?
The link here would be a good place to start.

Steve Pan
Jessica Napoli 2015-11-17
unfortunately i need to take a week off from training while i heal from a minor surgery; i'll have only complete the first week in this cycle. do i need to start back over or can i pick up on week 2?
Recover from surgery and I would recommend starting from the beginning again or even possibly taking a transition week lighter than week 1 and making sure you are good to go before pushing too hard on a program.

Steve Pan
Max Sawicky 2015-11-19
I'm in the first week, and my only question thus far is the difference between snatch high pull, high pull snatch and snatch pull. On day 4, the program says to do 5 sets of 3 reps of 70% power snatch, then snatch high pull again at 70%. After looking up exercises , I feel I should be doing the high pull snatch at 70%, where as a snatch pull should be closer to 90%, like in day 2. Could u please clarify
There are no High-Pull Snatches in this program. It should be Snatch High-Pull at 70%.

Steve Pan

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