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The High-Pull: Pros & Cons
Sergey Bondarenko | Weightlifting Program Design | November 27 2017 | Comments (1)

The exercise known to us as a snatch/clean high-pull and referred to as “Practicing active drop phase” in the Soviet school has long been incorporated into weightlifters’ routines. But like with any other exercise, to benefit from it, an athl... Continue reading
Stability in the Bottom of the Snatch & Jerk
Sergey Bondarenko | Olympic Weightlifting Technique | January 30 2017 | Comments

Being confident in your overhead position is one of the most important factors for successful snatch and jerk, at least for the reason that if you do not procure a proper lockout your lift will be red-lighted.   There are multiple factors determining ho... Continue reading
Deloading Period - Or What To Do After A Meet
Sergey Bondarenko | Weightlifting Program Design | October 31 2016 | Comments (4)

What I often face among novice lifters is a strong belief that if they want to increase their best score, they need every session to be heavier than the previous one. However, one ... Continue reading
Improving Your Jump for the Snatch & Clean
Sergey Bondarenko | Weightlifting Program Design | June 27 2016 | Comments (1)

I bet that many of you have seen how someone unfamiliar with weightlifting is surprised to see those “massive immobile guys” to jump on a high deck of bumper plates. But those who lift do know that burst capabilities of weightlifters may be really ... Continue reading
Avoiding Methods That May Ruin Your Olympic Weightlifting Program
Sergey Bondarenko | Weightlifting Program Design | April 4 2016 | Comments (4)

Addressing the most popular mistakes of weightlifters is a common theme for many articles nowadays. Most of them address weaknesses in technique; some of them are true, whilst othe... Continue reading
Do We Need the Magic Front Squat to Back Squat Ratio?
Sergey Bondarenko | Weightlifting Program Design | February 1 2016 | Comments (1)

A big chunk of the questions that I am asked are about squats. Many people are in search of the ideal squat routine and an ideal ratio of front to back squats. While I do think tha... Continue reading
Overplaying Your Opponent: Tactics in Olympic Weightlifting Competition
Sergey Bondarenko | Weightlifting Competition | January 11 2016 | Comments

When you stand on the platform in front of the bar in the dead silence greedily breathing to fill your lungs with air full of shrinking tension and competition spirit, there is no ... Continue reading
Pulling Matters: 5 Situations In Which You Need Pulls
Sergey Bondarenko | Weightlifting Program Design | November 9 2015 | Comments (6)

When I had just started to work online with Western athletes and asked them to provide their training logs or at least to describe their past training experience, I was surprised t... Continue reading
Pressing Exercises for Weightlifters: Why, When and How?
Sergey Bondarenko | Weightlifting Program Design | October 19 2015 | Comments (3)

Until 1973, there was no question whether to press or not. The Clean & Press was part of the Olympic competition, and weightlifters trained the press like they now train the sn... Continue reading
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