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The Hook Grip: Why & How to Do It Correctly
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | April 23 2018 | Comments

Once again, I’m bewildered that I haven’t yet written an article on the hook grip here—this is one of the most fundamental pieces in the weightlifting puzzle, and also something that gives a lot of new lifters a great deal of trouble because ... Continue reading
Are Your Elbows Actually the Problem in Your Overhead Position?
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | April 19 2018 | Comments

In the way that overhead squat immobility often gets blamed on the shoulders when the problem is actually the lower body, often an athlete's inability to lock the elbows secure... Continue reading
Failing Drug Tests Because of Tainted Supplements and Pre-Workout Drinks
Matt Foreman | Nutrition | April 18 2018 | Comments (1)

Most of you probably know about this topic just from the title. It’s nothing new, by the way. People have been getting popped on drug tests for supplements and drinks for a l... Continue reading
Getting the Bar Past the Knees in the Snatch & Clean
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | April 16 2018 | Comments

I’ve said before that the complexity of the first pull is commonly underestimated by new lifters because of its apparent simplicity, especially in comparison to the rest of t... Continue reading
A Potential Problem With Pulling Blocks
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | April 12 2018 | Comments

Training from the blocks in Olympic weightlifting is always an interesting subject. I’ve seen lots of different philosophies on them. Some lifters never use blocks and don’t even have a set in their gym. Others use them all the time and love them. ... Continue reading
Hold Your Grip Longer for Better Clean Turnovers
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | April 11 2018 | Comments

If your cleans tend to crash onto your shoulders, even with lighter weights, you can smooth out the turnover and stay better connected to the bar by holding a full grip longer (If ... Continue reading
Investing Time for Progress: Routine, Detail & Patience in the Olympic Lifts
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | April 9 2018 | Comments (1)

I'm pretty frequently surprised by how impatient new and intermediate weightlifters are in a number of ways, from their expectations of progress to their rush to get through a ... Continue reading
Why Shrug in Snatch & Clean Pulls?
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | April 5 2018 | Comments

For years I've been teaching that the shrug up of the shoulders isn't part of the effort to accelerate and elevate the barbell in the pull of the snatch and clean; instead, it's more a part of the third pull, as it's naturally associated with t... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Cleans Crashing at Heavier Weights
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | April 4 2018 | Comments (1)

Eric Asks: I have the tendency of letting the bar crash on me on the clean. I've been using tall cleans to work on that problem. I feel like at lower percentages (<85%) I do better a job of meeting the bar. But as I go up in weight, I revert back to my ... Continue reading
The Press in Snatch: Mobility, Stability & Diagnosis
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | April 2 2018 | Comments

The press in snatch is one of those exercises that every weightlifter wants to be able to do—they may not have any idea why, but it doesn’t much matter. As it turns out... Continue reading
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