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Quit Pushing Your Cleans Away with Your Thighs
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | March 29 2018 | Comments

A lot of you find your bars running away at the top of your cleans, resulting in the bar crashing into the rack position, you collapsing forward, and if not missing entirely, strug... Continue reading
Ask Greg: What Causes Pressouts (and How to Fix Them)?
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | March 28 2018 | Comments (1)

Elbow Woes Asks: My question is essentially: what causes pressouts? Anatomically, I have pretty good elbows for locking out. When the weight is about 90% I have noticed I sometimes... Continue reading
On The Minute Training for Weightlifting
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | March 26 2018 | Comments (2)

If you’ve used any of my training programs on this website, there’s a good chance you’ve done on the minute lifts—I find it very effective and most lifters find it at least somewhat enjoyable. If you haven’t tried it before, let m... Continue reading
Quitting Weightlifting: The Right Way and The Wrong Way
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | March 19 2018 | Comments

Where’s your lifting at right now? Going great? On a rampage? Or are you struggling, pissed off because of bad training or competition?   Anybody thinking about quitti... Continue reading
There Are Different Levels of Old: Masters Weightlifting Programming
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | March 15 2018 | Comments (4)

Weightlifting has seen a big increase in participation in the last few years, due primarily to the influence of CrossFit. Many of the new lifters coming to the sport are, as you mi... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Programming The Last Weeks Before a Meet
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | March 14 2018 | Comments

Sam Asks: When programming leading up to a meet, what should your program look like 2 weeks out and 1 week out?     Greg Says: This can vary quite a bit depending on a ... Continue reading
Weightlifting Strategies for Moving From Roadblock Stage to Breakthrough Stage
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | March 12 2018 | Comments

During the first few years of a weightlifter’s career, everything is mostly going in an upward direction. Sure, there are little knockdowns and plateaus, but they’re us... Continue reading
Balls of the Feet, Not the Toes, in the Split Jerk
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | March 8 2018 | Comments

A common mistake in the split jerk is to be up on the toes of the back foot. This is unstable in every possible way, and prevents you from supporting enough weight on the back foot... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Hips Shooting Back in Squats & Cleans
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | March 7 2018 | Comments (2)

Christopher Asks: What to do if my butt/hip shoots back in back squat, front squat and clean?   There are a couple possibilities here: your hips are really shooting up, i.e.... Continue reading
Controlling Emotion for Weightlifting
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | March 5 2018 | Comments (3)

Emotions are like thoughts, but without the utility.   Stuff your feelings deep down inside where they belong.   I don’t give a fuck about your feelings.   All things I’ve told lifters at some point. Of course jokingly. Mostly.... Continue reading
Showing 11 — 20 of 538
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